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9th May, the Day of Remembrance and Honors

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Celebrations were held in Samarkand region dedicated to the 74th anniversary of the Day of memory and honor.

On this occasion, a flower laying ceremony took place at the Monument of the Sorrowful Mother. The representatives of Samarkand regional khokimiyat (mayor’s office), state and public organizations, the Central Military District, veterans of the Armed Forces, professors and teachers of educational institutions came to pay tribute to the compatriots who died in battles for the freedom and prosperity of the Motherland. Also, the faculty and students of the «Silk Road» University took an active part in the festivities.

All the bright spring flowers adorned the base of the Monument of  Sorrowful Mother, where the memory is ever-alive, where the heartbeat of the people responds, who can take care of, believe and create.

"... Victory Day is a holiday with gray hair on the temples, it is joy with tears in the eyes! ...".

Kowtow to you, dear veterans of the front and rear of World War II, you health and longevity!