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Seminar from representatives of the University of Scotland, Queen Margaret in the framework of the Creative Spark Higher Enterprise Program

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In an age of rapidly developing technologies, the education sector must be constantly in the process of development and improvement in order to meet the needs of today.
o, from May 13 to 15, 2019, representatives of Queen Margaret International University of Scotland held a seminar within the framework of the Creative Spark Higher Enterprise Program project at the «Silk Road» International University of Tourism on the topic “Digital business in tourism”. The seminar was organized by Professor of the Department of Entrepreneurship and Family Business Kleir Siman and Head of Hospitality, Tourism and Culinary Arts Program at the University of Scotland at Queen Margaret Professor Mark Robertson
The seminar was attended by the administration and faculty of the University "Silk Road", which discussed such topics as:
• Receive additional income from the sale of both physical and digital goods and services;
• reduce costs and reduce transaction time;
• to advertise and promote their products and services on the market, as well as to strengthen their trademarks.
And also the main directions of business introduction in the Internet environment were considered from the point of view of goals, concept and profitability of the company. The number of active Internet users is one of the main determining indicators on which the success of a digital business directly depends. According to various estimates, the use of e-commerce can be profitable if active Internet users are at least 12% of the total number of able-bodied residents of the state.
Following the master classes, the faculty presented presentations on various topics.